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We are owned by a European company and we have European business standards

Our History

When AIA (Our Parent Company) started their first company in Kenya, we hired Kenyan developers to make our web service. During this process we realised that, the level of quality and skills for the developers matched those of our Danish developers.
We became so happy with the outcomes, that we decided to extend our involvement in Kenya to include other Danish projects. One thing we noticed with the Kenyan developers were how good they were to work on their own and find solutions for the tasks and challenges. Our success stories did not go unnoticed within our network of business associates, and as an unexpected but positive side-effect of our Kenyan investments, we are now offering development services as a business concept of its own. As a result, AIA has established the second company in Kenya, Tech Factory LTD, which is dedicated purely to outsourcing software development.

Why Kenya

Kenya is a former British colony, and English is therefore almost considered a native language. 95% of the Kenyans speak fluent English and the universities only educate in English.
In many aspects Kenya is ahead on IT, e.g. many Kenyans used M-PESA as mobile payment years before any Danes had ever heard about Mobilepay. There are 32 universities and higher education centres in Kenya graduating thousands of competent young people every year, especially within IT. One of AIA’s advantages is our local connections in Kenya. Our managing director in the Kenyan company has lived many years in Kenya, previously as employed within Danida projects. We, as the board of AIA, have been impressed with the Kenyan mind set, compared to what we have experienced with previous outsourcing of our projects to Asian countries.

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